4 months in Review

You are entering your fourth month. You arrive at Christine's Day Care around 8:00 am, she has a swing where your legs dangle down, and you love it. It makes you really happy. Mommy picks you up around 5:00 pm and bedtime starts around 9:15 when your Daddy starts your bath water. They call it making the porridge, because the temperature has to be “just right”. You still cry after your bath when Mommy puts on the terrible lotion. You have found your toes and love to play with them. You have learned how to roll over from your back to your stomach, but not the other way.
If Mommy has to work late, then Dad leaves work early and picks you up. You are always really excited to see them and smile when you spot them. You experienced your first plane ride at the end of September. You and your family flew to Montana for your Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie's wedding in Billings. You had a great time at the reception and met so many of Grandpa and Grandma's friends. At about 9:00 you went back to the hotel with Brody and Mallary and Elisha Erfle babysat you three until the wedding was over. Upon returning home, your flight was delayed in Denver for almost 6 hours due to President Obama and the debates being in town. You didn't get back home to the ranch until the wee hours of the morning, but you were a real trooper. You have a wonderful life and we can't wait to see what next month brings.

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