Terry posts lots of fab golf-LO's, and now Julie did one for Deborah for the PhotoSwap. And they made me want to scrap some of my stepson's golf-pics!
I don't play golf myself, and neither does my husband. But his son is a student at Augusta State University in GA, and plays for their NCAA div 1 Golf Team.

"For an “ordinary” person, Augusta National is just another golf course. For a golfer, it’s a mythical - almost sacred place. The only ways to get to play a round at Augusta National, if you are not a member, is either to get an invitation from one of the 300 members (and unless you are on a first name basis with Condoleeza Rice, Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, that might not prove an easy task...), to be one of the players in the Masters or to be a member of the golf team at Augusta State University!
Every once in a while, the Jags get an invitation to lunch, a tour and a round of golf at this very private club in Augusta, GA. For Alex, his first visit was on January 16th, 2012."

"Catana Solids", "Instamatic Frames no4", "Assorted Messy Stitches no7 Superpack", "Assorted Messy Stitches - Brown no1", "Little Snips no2 Alpha" and "Grunge Overlays no3" by Katie Pertiet
"Essential Words vol1" by Ali Edwards
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