Thanks Katie for the great template freebie this week!

Products used -

Katie Pertiet - Template inspiration freebie 10/20/12
Arctic Whites paper pack
Watery Chevrons No 1

Ali Edwards - The story word art

Journaling reads : Jason loves to pretend he is a lizard right now. He insists that everyone calls him lizard- he will even ask checkers at grocery stores to call him lizard! He is different types of lizards- blue stripey, gold and sparkly, red, black, and any other variation he can come up with. He is almost always a “baby lizard” and asks me multiple times per day if i am a mommy lizard. One of his favorite games to play with the big boys is “mean lizard” where he has sharp claws and teeth and he will chase them around until they “climb a tree” or otherwise escape. He has a couple of shirts with lizards on them- and he wears them whenever they are clean. He also likes shirts or pants with stripes on them- because he is a stripey lizard! Kristen custom crocheted him this hat that is a blue stripey lizard with sharp teeth. Perfect for my little lizard!

Thanks for looking!