Here is another recipe for my cookbook. Your turn Doris . . . are you ready to post another page for your cookbook? Wink

Journaling: Rose Leigh, John and I all three have our birthday’s within eleven days of each other. John was born on June 25th, I was born on June 26th and Rose Leigh was born on July 11th. John and I had our birthday parties together until we were seven or eight years old. This photo is of the three of us on our second birthday in our front yard on Maple Street. Mother & Daddy’s green Studebaker automobile is sitting in the driveway.

Notes: I doubt that Mother made this birthday cake using Aunt Lucy’s recipe, for Aunt Lucy was with the Air Force in 1947 and living in Guatemala . We have made this in loaf pans, small round or square pans, or in muffin tins. It is good and very easy. Aunt Lucille made it often. When Aunt Velma made the recipe in little mini-muffin pans, the batter would spread out over the surface of the tin making little hats with delicious crunchy brims!

Journaling over the photo: It looks like the three of us are really enjoying this pretty pink birthday cake. I am not sure just who made this cake . . . probably mother made it this year since it was at our house. I love this photograph of us eating the cake with hands and mouth! Rose Leigh is in the middle and I am on the left in the little red & white sunsuit, made for me by my grandmother that particular summer.

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Autumn Air Paper Pack – Andrea Victoria
Birthday Candles – Katie Pertiet
Painted Overlays No. 01 – Katie Pertiet
Staple Its! – Pattie Knox
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