I don't know why, but week 41 seems like a month ago!

Coming back from SC, the road in VA was beautiful. Not so the power plant on the MD side. The cool weather was wonderful as is the staircase at St. Johns., all 4 flights. Mums survived by being kept in the plastic bins, filled with water by the rain. My iMac went to the Apple store as I got my iPhone 4S. I had a memory question but got the created brushes issue resolved too! A great day topped off with a Cheesecake Factory meal and cheesecake slices to go. That was our dinner.


KPertiet_PocketPagesNo4 incl

KP Bird Song Mask

KP Graphed Mask

KP Staple

KP Stitched Grid

KP Taped Together Frame Edge

KP Vintage Frame 26

KP Winged Collector Card



Banner - oak leaves graphic fairy


cat-Dover freebie epoxied

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