And, just for good measure... I couldn't leave out soccer, now could I? LOL Besides, I had to use my favorite sports accent: Pattie's "little enamels"!
Just a quick and simple layout after finding this old photo... what great memories!


From Derek’s first AYSO game in the fall of 1996 to Shannon’s latest Air Force women’s soccer match last weekend (9/30/12), I’ve been cheering for my kids and cheering for their teams! And, I’ve got thousands of photos to prove it! I’ve been a coach and team manager and I’ve worn team colors to every game... which made for some awkward color combos or clothing changes inside the car. (One year, Derek’s team colors were purple and Shannon’s were red and yellow! Ouch!) I have a treasured necklace and charm that spells out “soccer mom” and I’ve got three cheap ‘soccer braclets’ that I still wear for good luck! We’ve traveled a few blocks (to Mariners or Kaiser) and thousands of miles for soccer (Houston, TX). I’ve sat in blistering sun (and blistered! hahaha) and freezing cold rain. There has always been a “soccer box” in the back or trunk of my car, permanently full of blankets, hats, extra dry shoes, sweatshirts, sunscreen, first aid kit, flip flops and empty grocery bags for wet clothes or muddy cleats. And, you know what? That box is still in my car today. (Which came in handy the other day when I spontaneously got a pedicure after work and realized I needed sandals so I wouldn’t wreck the nail polish!) The sticker in the photo above was on my Suburban, the Saab wagon, the Odyssey and on the Infiniti. It didn’t survive the last transfer, so I bought a new one for the next cars. I finally removed the NHHS and Strikers soccer stickers from my car... it’s looking very lonely right now, so I need to go get another sticker... this soccer mom has got to ‘rep’, ya know!


Pencil Line Twists Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Clean Stitched: Black No. 01

Elisha Rust Solids Paper Pack

Typesets: Soccer No. 01 Brushes and Stamps

Varsity Felts Alphabet Collection
Little Enamel Accents: Sports

Thanks for looking! Debi