I have been going back and forth for a few months about whether to do this page. I decided to in the end (more for me than anything) because it is a big part of our journey right now.

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Journaling: Negative. I have lost count of how many test results have come back negative. Should I be surprised? No. But I’d be lying if a small part of me did not hope it would happen straight away like when we fell pregnant with Lincoln. We were told then it should have been hard. We should not have expected to fall pregnant straight away. But it did happen that way. This time? Not so much. It is what it is though. It will happen if it’s meant to. But that doesn’t stop me getting my hopes up each month, nor does it stop me come crashing back down when I see that single line. I am not a patient person. Perhaps I am being taught a valuable lesson? Perhaps this thyroid disease is the cause? Perhaps our family is meant to be three? Or perhaps it will just take time. I so want my family of four. I won’t deny there have not been tears of frustration. Many, many tears. I hope I did not take for granted Lincoln’s pregnancy. I hope and pray though that we will fall pregnant again. But I also appreciate that what will be, will be. We are already so blessed.