for the 'colors of fall: green' challenge

journalling reads: maybe wearing matching pajamas isn’t the very best representation of how much you are into each other, but its at least part of the story. tonight as you happened to both dress in green, you were SO excited and wanted a picture taken right away... which then led to the *great* idea of collecting all things green to be in this random picture: sit on a green chair, hold a green pillow, wield a green light saber, wear green crocs, show off a green tattoo.
it’s one of those pictures that, years from now, we will wonder what kind of randomness you were up to.
but tonight the answer is evident-- you are brothers...and that is enough.
no matter how un-silly a joke you crack or how crazy your idea may seem, you’ve got a cohort standing right there next to you
laughing at your joke and going along with your ideas.
God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave Nathan a big brother who thinks he is the funniest guy around, and Simeon a brother who thinks his ideas are brilliant. he knew exactly the equation needed to form such a tight brotherhood bond.

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