Art therapy - page 2 of random thoughts I've had going through my head of my mom who passed away in 2000. Thanks for looking. I'm always touched by your comments.

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Journaling reads: Today, I watched my mom... peel potatoes. I've never seen anyone peel them so fast. I am 6 years old, watching at eye level, and ask her how she does that so fast. She shows me how the shiny blades are inside the peeler and it wobbles on purpose. She says to make sure I always keep my fingers away from the blade and I shake my head yes.

Today, I remember a conversation we had once. I'm newly wed and Mom helps me prepare dinner. We're having mashed potatoes. She tells me she can't use my potato peeler because it's dull, although, it's been used only a few times. I'm left handed and she's right handed. It doesn't make any sense and we laugh about it. So, I take over the peeling duty while she watches me.

Today, I made potato soup from scratch. The smell of onion perfumes the air and makes me cry as I chop them. I carefully handle the potatoes as I peel them, just like Mom taught me. I think to myself I'll never be as fast as Mom. I hope she's watching.