Still loving this project.
I have a number of points to share:

1) I've decided that this recipe will be under the cake section. Hence the orange colour. Orange= Happy=Desserts. except of course I'm gluten free so now maybe not so happy. hmm. I digress.

2) I am loving 'styling' the food shots. I can see I have no career in food styling but it sure is fun.

3) I DO NOT have a lazy left eye. No matter how wonky that photo is of me. 5 people. 3 children camera precariously balanced on a chair. Wonky eye or not I sacrificed myself looking good in order not to take any more photos.
I think that's all.
no wait. Mollie your turn now. I would like to see a photo of you in your recipe book!!! (especially if you have a wonky eye...but I digress...again. Gauntlet down Mollie! Smile Smile Smile
That's it for sure. xo Me.

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Thanks for looking!