Journaling for spread:
The Rogers’ first two children were boys. Clifford Henry Roger was born on 14 Apr 1894, and Milton Henry Rogers was born on 24 Jan 1896. It would seem from the historic records that the middle name for both boys was Henry. When you look through the Silver Book, it was not uncommon for the children of our German ancestors to have a name in common. Neither of the boys had children. Clifford was tragically murdered when he was 28 years old, on 24 Jan 1922, shortly after his marriage. Milton had a career in the Navy and then worked for The US Treasury in the Alcohol Tax Unit of the Internal Revenue Service. He died in a raid on a still 12 Jul 1948.

The third child was Elinor Emmy Rogers, born 26 Sep 1899, in Austin, Texas. Elinor and Emmy are pictured here in a portrait taken in late 1901 (the date is written on the back of the photograph). When Elinor was a young child, Emmy contracted tuberculosis. There were two more children by this time. With her husband working on the railroad and frequently away from home, Emmy needed help. She and her five children moved back to her mother Ellen’s house in Austin. Emmy was bedridden for the last few years of her life. Much of the day-to-day child care fell to her mother. Emmy died 23 Jul 1915, at the age of forty-one.