The day really didn’t start off as anything special. Dad was gone for the day, so I thought we’d surprise him and knock out your project a week ahead of schedule. When I first mentioned writing your report on the computer, you protested. But I insisted. I showed you simple things: finding the perfect template, how to research on the internet, how to format text, CMD C, CMD V, and how to copy high resolution pictures from the web into your report. We got dirty - knee deep into computer techie goodness. We had a blast! Your eyes lit up like sparklers so many times as we worked. I loved seeing your passion for learning, and how easy computer skills came to you. The light came on.

As we did our research, I explained how computers have changed our lives. As you formatted fonts, I told you how Steve Jobs audited a typography course at Reed College, and how he altered the course of desktop publishing. We talked about what Steve Jobs’ innovations have brought to our lives: iPods, Apple TV, iPhones, and computers, innovations we can no longer live without. That’s when it came together: “You know Jake,” I said, “when you are born with a really smart and creative brain, you have an obligation to do something meaningful for the world. You are smart. Don’t waste it. Do something important and creative with your life that makes the world better.” I could see your wheels turning.

You are setting out on a journey. And I have a feeling you will do something big.

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