What a treat! My daughter had a VISITOR... other than me! LOL An old friend of hers was visiting Colorado Springs and stopped by the AF Academy to see Shannon... unfortunately, she was unable to leave campus with him (and his family) that day, but they were able to visit for almost an hour! (Time is a precious commodity at AFA!) Anyways, I'm so happy Seth's dad snapped this phone photo of the two of them!
And, hey... will ya look at this? I didn't use a neutral (read that: brown or beige!) background... what the...? LOL

And SMILE you did ‘cuz you had a VISITOR! Totally awesome! Your friend (since 7th Grade!), Seth Altmeyer, was in Colorado Springs visiting his grandfather (who, by the way, is retired Air Force!). Some- how Seth managed to get ahold of you to arrange a visit. That was really so, so very nice of him (and his family!) to take time out of his day to come see you! You couldn’t meet until after soccer practice... bummer, it was an ABU uniform day ‘cuz you look so much better in your blues! Oh, well... anyways, you two spent about 45 minutes or so just chatting and then it was time to go! You were happy he had come but sad to say good-bye! 08.24.12


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