Eighty-five years old. How did that happen? Sitting here with my two great-grandsons I reflect back on my life. Think about that picture of Fritz and me taken with my sister and her fiance. We were so young. And of course we were invincible. How could I have imagined at 17 that I would be a widow at age 24 with three small children? Even more, how could I (how could any mother) imagine that I would outlive two of my own children? Little Emmy and my boy Fritz. Oh, they grew to adulthood, they married, but they died too soon. Too soon! It just seems contrary to the natural order of things. But my Martha is a comfort to me in my old age. And I have the grandchildren and the precious great grandchildren - 6 more besides these two boys. Yes, life will certainly make you stop and think!

Credits: Same as Right