Yep...I've decided to keep it simple with text on the photos and more journaling about my week. I thought I might go back to filling my pages with goodies but it just seems too time consuming. So my new motto- "Do I want to be able to finish this project for the end of the year or not..."

30.We went to church today and then Ed I went to Kildonan Park and did a photo shoot of his car. It was a gorgeous day!24 degrees and the colors were spectacular!I convinced the kids to go back with us to do family photos if I took them out for supper. But only ended up going to Sub-way. No other places to eat near there. i got a few shots I like.
1. I worked in the morning and then went to the city to return something at Ricki’s. I met Evan at Polo and then went down-town for our Pointts appt. Ed met us there.I was a bit disappointed cause there are no promises that he can make a difference but he will try.Time to pray...He will try to get rid of one ticket hopefully...Evan won’t pay a normal license fee till he’s old!
1. I got my new phone case today but I really don’t like it. The on/off button is too hard to press. I did some light painting photography as the kids went to work. 2. I worked a full day and came home for a quick supper’Then I met Elizabeth and we went to Parade of Homes in Stonewall. Oh to have a nice house like those...All I want is a dining room for family get togethers... Our first Christmas oranges! Yum!! 3. Another long day of work . I put up some fall decorat-ions. I love my new owls from Winners.
4. Worked all day and what a crazy weather day! It
rained/sleeted all day. So windy!! By the time I went home it was snowing. Butt just a bit stayed. Evan went to hang out with Chris and Britt had a late class. I never like it when they are out and it’s bad weather. Hard not to worry...
5. We woke up to about 2 inches of snow and it snowed
all day! I was almost tempted to play Christmas music
but I held back... I worked in the morning and Britt was
cancelled for work,. It was nice to have an afternoon off.
Did laundry, cleaned and scrapped. Britt worked till
3 in the morning.
6. Britt had to work at 10 so she didn’t get much sleep.
I baked pumpkin pie, banana cream and chocolate
cream pies for tomorrow. Ed and I watched The Fourth
Kind. Disturbing. Evan picked up a car shell to work on
and Britt worked till 3 a.m. again...
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