When I saw the Colors of Fall 2012 - Yellow Challenge I immediately thought of this photo for the yellow trees. I hadn’t looked at it for quite some time and when I pulled it out I was flooded with wonderful memories of the times when our extended family got together!

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Looking back... ...Little did I realize what this moment meant or the significance of this photo. It was a trip back to Michigan and a bit of a family reunion. My cousin, Patti, brought her mother, Aunt Gladys, for the event. It was Aunt Glady’s 90th birthday. I hadn't seen them for over 30 years. Our family times have always been fabulous - great food, Aunt Ruth’s delicious pies, old stories and rich, heart-warming laughter. Several headout for a walk down the country road to enjoy the crisp air and rich fall beauty. And then there is the music - always the music! It would start with Uncle Paul’s rich baritone voice singing “Old Man River”, "How Great Thou Art" and other hymns. Dad and Uncle Ernie would bring out the guitars and begin with their traditional favorites. Soon someone would suggest a favorite hymn and the family choir would begin to sing in full four-part harmony. No music time would be complete without our trio (Dad, Carol and me) chiming in with our favorite (and family created) “Pine Trees”. Looking back...…I grabbed a photo of Carol and Aunt Esther while on a walk down the country road. Carol is next to the oldest cousin and Aunt Esther is next to the youngest of Dad’s siblings. I look at this now and feels like the passing of the torch from one generation to the next. Looking back...…This was the last time we would all be together like this. It was the last trip Aunt Gladys made to Michigan. Uncle Paul’s voice is silent and Uncle Ernie doesn’t enjoy playing guitar alone. Pine Trees just doesn’t sound the same as a duet and the house on the country road was sold a few months ago. And today…I miss them all so much and I miss these special times together. And today…I’m thankful for every priceless moment and precious moment.