Middle school has not started off on the best note for you, Libby. And you were soooooo excited for it. I think that’s part of why this is so hard. You were really excited for it. You practically bounced off the walls all summer long in anticipation. You couldn’t wait to get a locker, switch classes, and have more independence. You drove me crazy bugging me to take you shopping for school supplies, and new clothes and fun things to use in your locker. You had it all planned out and were just so certain that you would absolutely love everything about middle school. And then the first day was stressful - it was stressful to worry about getting to classes on time, your gym teacher was very intimidating, and so many more issues that were just so different than what you had thought they were going to be. And the second day was worse and the third day was just downright horrible. You cried that whole first weekend and begged not to have to go back. And then the next week, you called home sick twice. And so it went. So many tears, so much anxiety. Somehow we’ve gotten to the six-week point and it’s a tiny bit better. You have good days - the 6th-grade dance and dressing like Louis was a great day. But then the next week you called home sick again and there I sat in the office again - holding your lunch box and waiting for you to come down the hall so I could take you home. And so it may go for a while longer. But you will get there. I know you will. And I will help you every step of the way because I just know that you can do this. And sweetie, you are going to absolutely shine. xoxo Momma

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