for my family cookbook

Journaling: The Cameron & Scott families were friends with our family for several generations. The Arnold Cameron family, Billie, their son Bill who was my age and daughter Anne were members of our Presbyterian Church for as long as I can remember. Billie and Aunt Velma were both born in 1914 and were life long friends . . . the two of them living well into their 90’s. They were the last two living members of their high school graduating class from the Old City School in Cookeville, and spoke to each other on the phone at least twice a day in their latter years. Aunt Velma never drove a car, so Billie would pick her up for church each Sunday morning until Billie stopped driving at the age of about 93. Aunt Velma was afraid to ride with her those last few years except on Sunday morning when there was very little traffic in town!

This pie recipe came from Aunt Velma’s good friend Billie. Aunt Velma made it often in the fall of the year from apples that were given to her from a neighbor lady who had an apple tree or from the apples that Ed and I would get for her from Mrs. Rowell’s Crossville apple orchard in the fall of the year usually after our annual trip to Gatlinburg with friends.

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P.S. I made two of these pies last week . . . forgot to cover with the foil for the early baking. My crumb topping was sort of lightly burned, so don't forget that step. The pies were for dinner after the funeral of a church member . . . the pies were still good . . . but, I picked some of the darker burned crumbs off before taking them! And, I forgot to add that we like vanilla ice cream with our apple pie, so I will go back to the recipe and add that before I print the pages.