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And then there is the enigma of Fritz. Johann Friedrich “Fritz” Reichman was born 19 Jun 1850 in Kassel, Germany. In the picture below, taken in 1866, he is 16 years old. On the back it is noted that it was taken in Kassel. So, we know that he immigrated sometime after his sixteenth birthday but we do not know when. It is possible that it was in Nov of 1867. However, searching for Johann Reichmann is somewhat akin to searching for John Smith - it was not an uncommon name. Family lore has it that he also was a family member who came in through the New York ports. If that is correct, there is a tiny bit of corroboration for the 1867 immigration date. So, with Fritz, we do not know for certain when he came to the United States nor do we know how he got to Texas. It is interesting to note that in direct contrast to Adelbert Jessen, there is virtually no information in the on-line resources on Fritz. Within the family two very different pictures of Fritz exist. In the branch of the family that descended from his oldest daughter Emmy, stories had it that he was a bit of a scoundrel. However, family stories from the descendents of his youngest daughter Martha paint him in a much more positive light. So, perhaps he served as a volunteer fireman and was involved with the opera in some manner. What is fascinating is the lack of support for either “picture.” And as with so many family stories, there are probably grains of truth on both sides. What we do know is that he died on Christmas Day, 1880. What we do know is that a horse was involved. It is more than possible that the horse was a gift from his wife, Ellen. There is a chance that alcohol was involved. A buggy or wagon overturned. Fritz was thrown from it and killed. He left behind a wife and three small children. Emmy was 6, Fritz was 5 and Martha was 3. His widow was twenty four years own and would have to support the family.