I unfortunately have not been around much lately. There is a ton going on right now. I'm hoping that October is a little bit slower pace.

It was a gorgeous day and
we put our bikes in the van and
headed to the bike trails.The
conversation began from the
back of the van. I love these sweet
conversations with you.

“Mom, when I grow up, would it be
alright if I buy a few things that I want
with my own money?”

“What kind of things would you buy?”

“Star Wars things”

“Well, you will need to get a job to pay
for those things.”

“But Mia and Ellie don’t have a job”.

“Yes, but when they get big, they will. You
need to have a job to pay for everything.”

“Like you and dad have a job...dad works
with computers and you teach webinars”.

“Yes, like that”

We pass a construction site.

“Mom, that guy driving a digger...is that his job?”.

“Yes, that is his job.”

“That is the job that I want to do....I want to drive
a digger”.

“You can do that...you can do anything you
want to for a job”.

A few moments pass.

“Mom, when I drive the digger for my job...
do you think it would be alright if I wear
a shirt when I drive the digger?”

You are priceless Buddy!

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