Boy do I miss my iMac screen when I scrap on a 13" one. I'm def spoiled.

Catching up on the change of seasons - Drying out the AZ ristra to hang in the kitchen - Catching a rainbow on my purse from the crystal hanging in the studio - A follow up to the cortisone shot, an x-ray of my right knee - Lots of time watching Jake’s water polo games against hard hard teams - Time to set off south, we skip the Gonzaga reunion dinner but talk about Dick’s old classmates - Crossing all the VA and NC rivers brings us back to Ralphs for dinner, and enough chopped pork to make me happy - We ask our server about a place for breakfast but are still not hungry the next am - We do backtrack to the Good Earth Peanut Company and then it’s lunchtime - Finally we arrive at Myrtle Beach and a full moon.


Thanks for looking!