I'm improvising a little by using photos that were taken at around the same time as the "incident," and at the same location. (Also, that's the other twin!) The little pacifier on top of the word art was extracted from the Gund site, and is the replacement pacifier I had delivered to baby Tess after she got home. TFL! Love those Studio DD templates, what a life-saver.

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Journaling: It was the end of a long trip. Three flights done, and one to go. As usual, we were running a little bit late, and mommy and I were both nervous about catching the last flight. After an emotional holiday, we were all tired, and, truth be told, cranky. On the shuttle to the airport, mommy realized I had inadvertently left Tess’s pacifier in the rental car when we dropped it off. With arms crossed, mommy stopped talking to me while she tried to recover from her annoyance.

You looked from mommy to me, and back again. Then you asked what was wrong. “Your mommy’s mad at me,” I answered. “I made a mistake and lost Tess’s pacie, and I’m sorry. But mommy’s still a little bit mad.” You looked back at mommy again, then slid off the shuttle bench from your spot next to me, and sat next to mommy. And crossed your arms too. Mommy smiled at your show of camaraderie, and so did I. I hope you always have mommy’s back, Sadie. Atta girl.