Journaling reads: I so cherish my family photographs. In the beauty and history of my heritage photo, my heart breaks when I come across those that are lost to generations of family. I cannot help but add their mystery to my collection of lives. Those with names and other clues give me hope that someday their families may see their ancestors. Lois Mary Allen is written on the back, along with her age of 2, and her birth year of 1893. The photograph, so precious, was taken in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I wonder about her life, and hope that someday, her history is unlocked.
Items used:
By Katie Pertiet
Yesteryear Kit
Simple Classics: Traveler Kit

By Anna Aspnes:
ArtPlay Palette Golden Glory
Gold Paint No. 2
ScriptTease Happiness Overlays
ScriptTease Fall No. 2
ArtPlay Palette Salty Living
ArtPlay Palette Viaggio
Sttitched by Anna FallMix No. 2
ArtPlay Palette Globe Trotter
ArtPlay Palette Encapsulate

Fonts: SF Burlington Script, Baby Bowser, BrushTip Terrence, Same Sex Marriage