another recipe for my ongoing family cookbook

Journaling: Summertime means lots of things in the South. In our family, one of the markers has always been Aunt Velma’s homemade pimento cheese . . . on wheat bread, saltines or stuffed into celery. My favorite as a child was the celery version! Her recipe is quick to make, very simple, nothing fancy . . . but, always good. What sets it off for us is the addition of her wonderful pickle. It isn’t the same without her sweet pickles . . . store bought pickle just doesn’t make the grade!

Notes: Aunt Velma was the master of cooking and packaging for the future. She would complete the pimento cheese spread, pack it into wide-mouth pint canning jars and add the mayonnaise just before serving it. She had a thing about mayonnaise going bad before the spread was all eaten! She must have been right, because she never got sick. Vela used Kraft Deli-Deluxe Sharp Cheddar & American slices, but 8-ounces of block cheese; grated, is just as good. One of her favorite summertime suppers was three crackers with pimento cheese, a sliced apple and cup of coffee.

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