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The two daughters of Emilie and Bruno are featured on the facing page with their fiancees. In the photo - likely taken in 1871 - the two girls look young and hopeful. And their lovers look on them with adoring eyes. How could they anticipate the courses their lives would take. On 19 Jun 1872, Ottilie married Adalbert Constantin Jessen in Austin TX. The couple had four children, Elfriede Jessen (08 Sep 1873 - 06 Mar 1954); Wolfgang Jessen (28 Aug 1876 - 26 Nov 1927); Emmy Jessen (10 Dec 1878 - 04 Jun 1966) and Adalbert Constantin Jessen (5 Feb 1881 to 18 Apr 1958).

How does a couple lose the keys to each other’s hearts - or worse yet, how does one throw away the key that the other would cherish? The story of how Ottilie and Adalbert met and courted is lost to our branch of the family. Adalbert was a music teacher and the Schumann family was fond of music so perhaps that is the connection. And just as we do not know what attracted them to one another, we do not know what led to the breakup of their marriage. Nor do we know who initiated the proceedings.

We tend to think of divorce as a modern day occurrence and we have the misconception that our ancestors stayed together through thick and thin. But such is not always the case. From the US census data we know that Ottilie and Adalbert were together in 1880. And their last child was born in 1881. The 1890 census is so incomplete that there is no data available on the family. But sometime between 1880 and 1896, the couple divorced. In 1896, Adalbert remarried. Ottilie , however, never remarried. She relocated to Austin Texas where she lived for the remaining years of her life with her daughters Elfriede and Emmy.

Sources: The Silver Book of the Family Sack; 1880 US census; Texas marriage and death records.
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