Okay, this was a challenge since I did not have any Halloween goodies to use. I had already spent my allowance during the sale, but had to buy the ghosts to sort of complete my layout. The only Halloween paper I had was from a web inspiration from 2009. The eyes, I cropped from one of those papers and I recolored the white web orange. My kids had just outgrown Halloween so I used an older picture from 2004. I scraplifted one of Studio DDs layouts. Smile

Supplies used:

Katie Pertier Loosely Labeled No5
Katie Pertiet Assorted Messy Stitches White No2
Katie Pertiet Assorted Messy Stitches White No5
Katie Pertiet Assorted Messy Stitches White No6
Katie Pertiet Basic Paper Alpha Black
Katie Pertiet Bead Scatterings 3
Katie Pertiet Carte Post Lace-recolored
Katie Pertiet Chandra Lace
Katie Pertiet Clean Stitched Borders White No2
Katie Pertiet Ghoulish Ghosts Brushes
Katie Pertiet Letter Box Pattern Clusters No2
Katie Pertiet New Growth No8
Katie Pertiet Photo Wraps No2 recolored
Katie Pertiet Web Inspiration 102509 - paper recolored orange
Katie Pertiet You and Me Add On Epoxies - recolored
Katie Pertiet Le Marche Kit - out and about tag
Patti Knox Color Freebie 061409
Katie Pertiet Fine Line Twists No1
vintage photo frame
Eyes from web Inspiration paper 10/25/09

Thanks for the great chat and challenge.