I really enjoyed your chat, Katie, and although I didn't use the lovely handouts, I did this layout in response to the chat. Learning to use Shift + and - to scroll through the blending modes was a great discovery and saves me so much time as I usually just experiment with the modes.
This is a photo of Josh with his backpack on, and Dog hanging out. I have used the photo before, but this time wanted to focus on the fact that Josh still takes Dog (who was his father's huggie toy before him) everywhere he goes to overnight. I think this is so special and worthy of its own layout. The photo was duplicated, the first photo left in normal, the 2nd I used vivid light mode at 75% opacity. I really tried to get a richly textured background using blendables and splatters, together with some word art in this layout. And, of course, I played around with various blending modes and opacities.

Journalling reads:
Josh, you love Dog just as much as your Daddy did when he was a little boy. So it's not surprising to see him in your backpack when you overnight


Katie Pertiet
Dictionary Blendables (vivid light)
Carte Poste Overlay (Dissolve)
Orange, Black andCream MiniKit tape (multiply)
Splatters (vivd light)
Groceria Words (recoloured)
School Mates Kit sun (recoloured slightly)
Cardstock Tabs (recoloured)
From My Bookshelf Solids (grey paper - love its rich textures)
Color Inspiration 71810

Studio DD
Layer Works # 156 (stitching)

Anna Aspnes
Scriptease Happiness