This template was perfect for all the journaling I needed to tell this fun story! thanks for the challenge, Julie. And thank you for this wonderful template, Pattie!

We were pulling into the port of Portland and there were lots of people on deck watching. A woman caught my attention because she was obviously talking to her baby grandchild on the phone. As she walked by I commented on her sunglasses, exactly like my favorites that I had recently squashed by sitting on them. “I really like your sunglasses,” I said. “Thank you, “she said. “I like them so much I bought a second pair, just in case.” She walked farther down the deck and started to take some photos. “Oh no! I forgot to empty my memory card! I can’t take any more photos and it’s the beginning of the trip!” She was upset. “What size of memory card do you need,” I said. “I have some extras in my cabin.” We checked them out and found that I had the size she needed. “I’ll trade you a pair of sunglasses for the memory card,” she volunteered. I was surprised and very excited! We went to our cabins, got the sunglasses and the card and exchanged items. We were now two happy people ready for the rest of the cruise!
We kept running into each other all week and had several chances to visit. We ate some meals together. We found that we have many things in common. Our husbands are even both named Richard! Her name is Pam, but my husband couldn’t remember it, so he called her…BARTER BABE

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