A bit of a lie-in and then over to Coronado to see the beautiful island. A breakfast burrito even you couldn’t finish. Time on the beach then back north to Los Angeles on a HOT day and with loads of beach traffic. Truly unusual weather for San Diego and records were broken this weekend. You did seem surprised that despite the heat, you didn’t sweat. No humidity. We went over to see Occidental College because we were having dinner in Glendale with Monsignor Terry. A walk round the town and a fun visit for me in an Armenian food store. Great kebab dinner and then it was time to head back to LA and return the car. I was so glad to get you in front of the LAX sign. It was a good trip and helped you clarify your college decisions.

An very early wake up for you to fly to Dulles and us to fly to BWI. Goodbye SoCal! We enjoyed you!


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