Top background paper: Clementine edition digital version
Mom in apron: L Grieveson Old Farm Kitchen
Cooking elements: Kitschy Kitchen kit
Clock and swirls: A Aspnes Recipe Quad Pack 1-4
Cooking alpha: J Sprauge Beautiful Evidence
Bound card: K Pertiet Pocket Cards Bound No1
Bottom background paper: K Pertiet Fairy Dreamer
Bottom frame: K Pertiet Carded Stacked Frames
Font: Loki Cola and Traveling Typewriter

Kylie brought home a Children’s Cook Book from her school library trip on Monday. She immediately wanted to make their blueberry pancake recipe and fortunately I had all the ingredients. I’m teaching Kylie how to read the recipe and understand the different cups and teaspoons and how to level her measuring cups. She’s getting better at cracking eggs. And with her hands on mine, we flipped the pancakes cooking on the stove. The pancakes came out pretty well and were a good afternoon snack. On Wednesday, she wanted to make falafel of all things! I had never eaten falafel much less made it, but together she and I figured it out. Karen, Kylie and I each ate two of the small cakes. Kylie did decide to tell me that “Mommy, our don’t look like the ones in the cookbook. ” I explained that it was because I am a simple cook and not a professional chef. On Thursday, Kylie got to cut, fold and twirl the dough for the garlic breadsticks we had with spaghetti. Kylie loves being in the kitchen with me and I look forward to many more years of cooking adventures with her.

Cooking with Kylie was such a big part of this week. I thought about making a separate 12x12 digital scrapbook page of our cooking pictures. But then I decided to play with the PL layout.