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Us card: Studio Double D Readymade Journalers Everyday
Thursday: A Edwards Days of the Week Banners
Celebrate: A Edwards Number One Title + Journal Photo Overlays
Beige card and overlay and puffy red heart: K Pertiet Pocket Pages No7
Pink paper: K Pertiet Classic Cardstock BeMine
Journal Strip: K Pertiet Journal Strips No1-1

On Tuesday, Kylie came home with one of her journal entries that stated, “I went to the beach after supper at sunset” and drew a picture of she and I smiling together. Well, that worked kiddo! To the beach we go!

It's hard to see on the Thursday picture, but Kylie is wiggling her incredibly loose and wobbly tooth.

I pulled Kylie's first tooth on Saturday night. For our scrapbook, I made a 6x12 picture of Kylie holding her tooth and on the reverse I included the "official tooth fairy" kit form which has room for more journaling about the event including how the tooth was pulled, which tooth, compensation given and so forth. So on the Project Life page, I just included a group picture of us looking in the mirror together, one of the tags from the tooth fairy kit, a picture of her showing her new gap, and the note the tooth fairy left for Kylie (along with $2.50). It's a bit hard to see but the fairy was stamped with gold ink and there are gold sticker stars attached.