When I came across this journaling prompt about nicknames, it sparked a memory from several years ago about our son, Dima. Thanks to the prompt, this story is finally documented for us all to enjoy.

Journaling: When you were first adopted, we had to teach you to cuddle. You soon learned to love it; and although you were 8 years old, you spent much of the first year on our laps. One day while we were hugging, you sighed and softly whispered Momka. I didn’t know what Momka meant, and you spoke little English so I couldn’t ask. The next time I talked to our interpreter, I asked her. She said that “ka” was a term of endearment in Russia. It was similiar to us saying dear one. I was crying when she was telling me this. It was such an important moment. It meant that you loved us, and were able to bond with us. Soon after, I started calling you Dimka. You laughed the first time I said it, but I could tell you were secretly pleased. We began calling you Dimka in front of others. It soon because your nickname with family and close friends. You are now sixteen, and we don’t cuddle much anymore, but you are still my Dimka.

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