So, I'm loving Ali's circles, aren't I? They're so fun and versatile! And, no, I wasn't really spying on Shannon per se, just trying to snap a quick photo to document her first 'leave' from the Academy over Parents' Weekend. Dang, but it was hard driving the car thru a busy mall and not hold up traffic and snap a photo on my phone... geesh. *grin*

So, here’s the deal... I wasn’t really “spying”... more just capturing a moment... Dad and I were both happy to have you go to the movies with a couple of cadets after the Air Force football game. (I was particularly happy because I thought-- incorrectly, as it would turn out--that I wouldn’t have to go see this movie!) Anyways, during the football game, you sat with Tyler and Sam and discovered they wanted to see “The Dark Knight Rises” as much as you did! So I volunteered to chauffeur you and the boys to and from the theater... and yes, I admit it... I drove around the parking lot to try to catch a shot of you three enjoying your first moments of leave on Parents’ Weekend... without your parents! hahaha (September 2012)


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