Does your mind ever go somewhere strange and you can't make it stop? For some reason, when I saw the preview for Pattie's new Center Stage Element Pack which is coming this weekend, all I could focus on was the director's chair. Then my mind pictured someone sitting in the chair being interviewed. Then I started seeing them being interviewed by James Lipton in the Actor's Studio. I couldn't sleep until I found a picture of James Lipton sitting in his chair. Then I had to find someone for him to interview. My grandson was in The Secret Garden this summer and in one scene he was sitting. So, horrible fuzzy low light picture that it is, I extracted him and put him in the chair. I realize this picture is not the best but at least it completed the scene I had in my mind and I could go to sleep. My apologies to Pattie for using her adorable new kit in this fashion!

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