We have visited Las Cruces several times & always enjoy the Farmers’ Market. We bought a 40lb bag of green chiles to take home and roast. I think we are set for a while with chiles as we bought dehydrated ones at Gilly‘s in Hatch as well.Our usual visit to Coas Bookstore resulted in a lot of books to mail home for Washington Jesuit Academy. Lunch at Miguel’s was delicious; I hope to go back there again next trip. So far we’ve had green chiles at almost every meal!
Another place we go to fairly often is the Double Eagle in Mesilla.
Dick made reservations for my birthday and we got over there early enough to do the usual walk on the Plaza as well as a quick look in the bookstore. Sadly it closes early on Sunday (make this Saturday) as do most of the shops. My ankle was aching so after sitting a while we ventured into the middle of Mass in the Basilica of Saint Albino. We have stopped in this church on a regular basis, mostly before dinners. The sermon was long but “Well read”. We were both surprised to see altar girls - a first for both of us. The prayers were very open and welcoming to all. Nice to hear that kind of speed these days.
Dinner was not the highlight of our day despite Dick’s best efforts. I had a beautiful box of dried flowers which I later left with Sharlah. My ceviche was very good but I think the restaurant has seen better times. I left with a headache. A shame.


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