Sadly, my glass sun tea jar finally gave up the ghost and developed a crack. My iPad got a lime green case. I can sure see it! Lots of library books to make me happy. “Gone Girl” had me hooked! Dick found a Civil War app and copied a great map of DC for me. Rod and I went to the Nats game; Dick wisely stayed home. I thought it would be too hot but I never expected the downpour we had. It was an expensive day just to see the stadium, as we gave up after four hours. Bar-b-que on the way home made up for the time in the rain. Redbox came out with “The Hunger Games” and I thought it was a good adaptation. Finally, I was able to snap the “Rogers Heights Road” sign. August 18-24, 2012

KP Cut Ups
KP Slide Frames No3
KP Starburst brushes

Font: Curly Coryphaeus

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