3 months in Review

Journaling reads:

Clara, your colic is easing and you are becoming a very happy baby. You have started smiling, kicking your feet and looking around. When Grammie Patterson was in Kansas we watched the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and Northern Video Cattle Sale and saw over 100,00 cattle and 25,000 sheep sell. The weather was so hot while I was there, it was the 29th straight day of triple digit temperatures. After the Fair, your Mom was involved in Beef Fest and you attended several of the events. You are sleeping through the night and everybody is getting some much needed rest. We are so glad that you discomfort is going away and you are settling into a routine. Your Mommy has been sending us short video clips of you every night. We anxiously check our email in the evening to see what you have been doing. Once you get a little older we will start using Skype to communicate since we live so far away from you. We are so happy that you are feeling better. We love you so much Suggy Boog.

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