This page is about one of the very best friends anyone could ever have. My friend (and her adorable 8 yr old daughter and her MIL Marta) were taken from us about 3 weeks ago by a driver under the influence. I started this page about a week ago and got to the point of the journaling and realized I couldn't fit all the reasons I loved her on such a tiny little spot. So it is very brief. Just states the facts. I'll forever miss her. I wish she could have been around for us to still get together for our talks and fun times until we were 80 years old. But we didn't get that chance. I still wake up and can't believe she's gone. I run though all the ways this could have been avoided in my head. I have many blessings in life. One of my greatest blessings other than my family was knowing Michelle and having a friend like her. As another of Michelle's very best friends put it, "Nobody's perfect, but she was as close to perfect as anyone could be." She made everyone else just feel wonderful around her. Her smile and kind heart will never be forgotten. I'm so thankful for the memories I have of her.

We met in college.
Michelle was my roommate my
sophomore year. We
became close friends. I was
by her side at her wedding. She
was the Matron of Honor in mine.
You want to hold on to the best
friends in your life and she was
one of the very best. We always
had fun, we were so alike in
so many ways. I loved her like
a sister truly. I loved the
friendship we had. I will never
forget her and will forever
miss our fun times, our talks,
the way she just made me happy
& made me laugh. I'll remember
the best memories and miss her

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