Graham's grandpa pulled out his old Little League hat for G to wear the other day and this great story emerged. I asked him to email me the story and asked if he had any pictures of himself in the hat….so glad he was willing to take the time to share this with me Smile

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Journaling reads: The Westover Wildcats are a team that was created by your Pa-Paw’s dad (your great-granddad) Fred Hunt, when your Pa-Paw was young so that he would have a little league team to play on. He then went on to help form a league so that the Westover Wildcats would have other teams to play. The Westover Wildcats still exist today and serves a variety of age groups.

The hat you’re wearing in the picture is the very same one that Pa-Paw is wearing in that picture above it. Your Pa-Paw is the boy on the right and he was 12 years old in this picture. He’s shaking hands with the assistant coach of the Westover Wildcats. The other boy is your Pa-Paw’s friend, Sam, and he’s shaking hands with Pa-Paw’s dad, your great-grandpa.

You’ve been so interested in baseball lately and very much enjoying learning all about it. I know that your Pa-Paw is very much enjoying teaching you all about it too. Pa-Paw’s going to have you all ready for Little League when the spring time rolls around!