Im doing a little book for my DH. It contains "10 reasons why i love you".
The reason on this page is, that he would do anything (well anything he is able to do...), to make me happy. And the shoes remind me of a story, that is a good example: we were in Spain and i had a very miserable day. When i saw these shoes i was like "wow - they are great, but im just not in the mood for buying anything...". And my DH went into this shop, asked for these shoes in my size (he knew my size!!!),although he doesnt speak a word Spanish and although he hates talking foreign languages (especially to women in shoe shops), forced me to try them and finally bought them for me.
Ill cherish my "bicicletas" (= bicycle shoes) forever ...

Noemi Kit
Wooden Alphabet No. 02
Meant to Be Layered Template
inspiration from: KPertiet_JustOneMomentLT
& thanks for inspiration jana!