I loved that fun message on the wall of a Facebook friend and it ended up in this page.
The message reads: "And…. tell me again in December that it’s cold and that you wished the Summertime!"

High temperatures during summer are usual here. The average temperature in summer varies between 33 to 37 Celsius and some days it raises to 40 – 42. This summer, however, is one of the hottest I can remember. Temperature ranged between 37 – 42 degrees for July and August without any cool break. Another hot summer was that of 1987 when the temperature rose to 45 degrees. That heat wave lasted 10 days and 1300 people died from the heat. They were old people with health problems. One of them was my father, who suffered from his heart and the heat caused him a fatal stroke. Since then all houses in Greece, buses, taxis and public buildings have air conditions.
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The blended temperature diagram and the photos are from the Web.