Karen's page was a fun lift and wonderful inspiration. :O)
Every year the whole town waits for ACE Hardware to put up their sign that the "Colorado Peaches are Here!" Lots of canning going on . . . at friends' houses that is. ;O)

Katie Pertiet:
Decorative Chalkboards No. 01
Chalked Script Alphabet
Chalked Outline Alphabet No. 01
Beach House Memories Mini Kit (bows)
Page Blends No. 02
Dirty Frames No. 03
Window Frames
Cabana White Solid Paper Single (blended over the window frame)
Framed in Wood No. 04
Autumnal Artistry Kit
Gingerbread Runaway Kit
Alandia Rancheros Kit
Collageable Notions No. 01
Helping Hands Kit
Really Big Leaves No. 01
Leaf Clusters No. 01

Pattie Knox:
Fasten Its!

Maplebrook Studios:
Kotteder Kit

Cassie Jones:
How’d They Do That? No. 13: Bending Shadows
How’d They Do That? No. 18: Weaving Words