My hair gets a little grayer every year. Itís not solely due to the aging process. This is one of those stories that proves my point. It was Joshís first day of middle school. Bumps in the road are not uncommon on the first day of anything and I knew that sixth grade would not be an exception. So, when Nate ran in and let me know that Josh missed the bus, I wasnít alarmed. I just hopped in my car and drove out to the junior high. When I was nearly there though, I did wonder why Josh hadnít called me himself from school. When I arrived, Josh wasnít there. In fact, there werenít any children at all waiting for a ride. I explained the situation. The secretary and I both guessed that heíd probably gotten on the wrong bus. She tried to call the bus garage and couldnít get through. In the meantime, I went to talk to Joshís homeroom teacher and the vice-principal started a search of the building. I hadnít been in the sixth grade section long when my cell phone rang. Nate let me know that Josh had indeed gotten on the wrong bus, but that he was now home. What a relief! Iím hoping the rest of the year will be a little less adventurous.

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