I am getting my aunt's home ready to sell . . . our family has lived there for almost 100 years . . . I am finding memories everywhere and want to jot them down. This was a day last month with my daughter and granddaughter were there along with me.

Journaling: In July of 2012, the three of us drove to Aunt Velma’s house for what was probably the last time that we would be there together.. We sat on the porch and took photos of the steps . . . how many photographs through the past century have been made on these steps I wonder? I am so happy that my grandchildren will remember this house and all of the happy times we have shared there . . . all of the wonderful memories we have stored away of Aunt Velma planting her geraniums on either side of the front steps, of the Christmas wreaths hanging there, of the colorful cushions that she would make each spring to “spice up the porch”, and sitting there to talk with cousins, swinging on the swing, rocking on the old chairs and listening to the Cicadas and Katydids in the summer

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title has one line from “The Front Porch Swing” from Richard N. Cook
I used Katie’s wonderful In the Studio: Painting in Progress tutorial on my photograph for this layout.