My daughter loves having stories read to her, but she often nods off to sleep as she did here on a warm summer afternoon with her grandmother.

I wanted to include the photo of the book because the kids read this one book all summer long, but I strugged a bit with how to get it on the page. I will probably change it, but I'm tired of looking at it for now!

All supplies are DD: Thanks for looking!!
Wire Rimmed Charms No. 01

From My Bookshelf No. 01 Kit
Artistry d'amour Kit
Bakers Twine Assortment No. 01
Carte Post Kit
Lightly Letter Box Paper Pack
Sun Porch Kit
Chunky Stamped Alphabet No. 01
Christmas Village Kit
Collageables No. 04
Layer Works No. 144
Night Night Brushes and Stamps

This is a lift of

It is so funny, as soon as I see in the gallery, I know that I will immediately want to change it!