Ok, that is not our dingy. I took the photo with the iPhone while I was supposed to be working on Écume de Mer. But it did remind me of the truth of sailing.

There is a lot of glamour spun about sailing. All the fabulous ads featuring people luxuriating on the deck and actions images with the wind racing in the sails.....but the truth is there is a lot of work involved in tending a boat. The saying “First you row a little boat” refers to the fact that to GET to the boat you have to row a dingy. The sailboat is moored out in the harbor where she is in deep water and safe. You row the dingy to her. But that saying is really just code for real sailors.

What it means is that before you have the hours of blissful cruising out on the deep waters or along the craggy coast you must first prepare the boat. If you have scads of money you have someone else do it for you. If you do not have scads of money you do it yourself. And loving that part of sailing - tending to, knowing for sure, making beautiful, making true - loving that part of sailing makes it all good.

We have spent the last few visits on our boat sitting in the harbor - checking all the seacocks, cleaning the alcohol burning stove, removing and polishing the brass water pump and cleaning the fresh water reservoir. Today we will make screens for the hatch and companionway to keep out the dreaded mosquitoes, install the second battery and measure for new cushions. And maybe go out for a short evening sail... August 19, 2012

Thanks for looking.

Katie Pertiet
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