When I first saw Kim’s page Motherhood Matters I knew I wanted to lift it! I loved everything about that page, from the wonderful layering to the beautiful journaling. Thanks Kim for inspiring us every day with your beautiful pages!

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Chipboard Bytes Bare Tagboard Alphabet No. 04
Clean Stitched Banners: White No. 02
Pencil Twist Arrows No. 01
Lesson Book Kit (alpha)
School Mates Kit (bead scattering, re-coloured)
Summer of Yesteryear Challenge Freebie (clock)

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Journaling: This is something I ask myself all the time. Am I doing a good job at being a Mummy? Some days I feel like I am all over it and I am proud of the fact it has come so naturally to me. I love that I know what you want or need most of the time and we have so much fun together. Other days though I still feel like a brand new Mummy and that I know nothing. I know these are my own insecurities and I just need to remind myself how happy you are. You have a sweet little nature and are growing and learning every day. I just remind myself that I have played a great part in that. I am not just doing ok. I am doing great and I wouldn’t have my life any other way right now. 19.08.2012