I guess, technically, this is a lift of Kelly's wonderful "unknown caller" page, but I actually had it started before Lynn chose Kelly's page for the Saturday lift! And while it bears no physical resemblance to Kelly's page (except our kids are in fatigues! LOL), it is a complete lift of her story. With my daughter at the Air Force Academy, I completely related to Kelly's journaling... so here's my lift of Kelly that's not really an official SSL lift... but... well, I think I'll just shut up now! LOL

No, these are not AF base assingments for you. Although I suppose one day they could be! *smiley* And, while your roommates actually are from Georgia, no, that’s not the reason for this layout. These were phone calls that rang into my phone during BCT. The folks at the OC Parents’ Association had told us newbie parents to answer ALL incoming calls ‘cuz our cadets may get a chance to call and it probably wouldn’t be from their own phones. So, when I got a call from a MICHIGAN cellphone, I answered! A cadre at Airmanship let you use her phone while you waited your turn to go up in the glider. And, then a call came from GEORGIA while I was driving to Colorado Springs from Denver (for A-Day). One of your soccer teammates (Ariel) gave her cellphone to you for the whole afternoon! And later that evening (after your second practice), another teammate (Eryn) let you use her phone to call one last time! (The MARYLAND call!) I’m glad OCPA told me to answer the phone no matter what... otherwise, I would’ve missed these rare chances during BCT to talk to you! After six weeks of letter-writing, just HEARING your voice was wonderful!
(Summer 2012)


Carte Post Kit (paper, postage stamps, brads, "S")
Posted Valentines Postage Stamps
(valentine stamps)
Collageables No. 04 (postage stamp)
Katie's Marker Font

Hey... this was an "all-KP" layout! And, I think I found the perfect paper for basic training layouts! Thank you, Katie!

Thanks for looking! Debi