This page came from a blog post I wrote re a blog comment. It also refers to AAM 35 "little things that give you joy" one of my favorite times of day. It's been a while since I wrote so much and I've missed that. The image in the bottom right is something I was playing with and sadly merged the psd before I got all my credits. Sad

Thinking about...a comment I left on a blog post this week. What is one of my favorite times of day? Ah…

My husband is an early riser, way early imho. Somewhere around 04:30 or 05:00. Lots of times it's even earlier. This was hard for me when we first married a decade ago as I was still working and being awakened THAT early made it hard to go back to sleep and then wake up at the right time. I had been accustomed to waking around 6am but not getting up til about 6:30 or so. No problem with work, as I always worked about a mile from my house. My work started at 9am so there were a lot of times I walked to work. That was then.

My sleep for a lot of those early years of marriage was also broken by snoring. Having a bed buddy who snored was a whole new experience for me. Ok, more like a horrible shock. But I learned to cope - most often by moving to another room when awakened in the night. No fun, but I managed to get most of my sleep requirements.

Fast forward to today. I am now retired and my husband's snoring has nearly vanished due to weight loss as well as nasal drops that really work for him. He still gets up way before I do but now it's different. That time after he flips the duvet over and leaves the room is special quiet time for me. I stretch out over the whole bed and relish that feeling of time and space.Sometimes drifting back into dreamland, sometimes staying in that special state in between sleeping and being fully awake. Thoughts drift in and out, randomly rather than consciously. I don't try to think of anything, knowing that my mind and soul are sorting out priorities. I'll remember what I need to remember for the day and can let go of old thoughts that may have burdened my yesterday. It's a wonderful free floating feeling.

Sometimes I do fall back asleep, not so much any more, but when I do, I trust that I needed that sleep. Some more things needed to be resolved on a deeper level. 06:30 to get up? yes, I'm back to that in the days of more sunlight. In the darker days of winter, I will on occasion stay in bed til 7am but I can really feel it's past my 'get-up' time. But whatever time it is, I really do like that quiet time in my own bed in the morning. Definitely one of my favorite times of the day.

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