Journaling: When the caller ID says “unknown caller” I don’t want anything to do with it. A lot of the time when I would bother to answer I would hear the click as the caller hung up on the other end. Eventually, it got to the point where I just woudn’t answer these calls or sometimes I would answer and if it was a solicitor I would say something like, “I’m sorry, if your company can’t be up front with who they are then I’m not interested in contributing.”
These days “unknown caller” is a game and I play the game like a gambler at the track. I answer every one of these calls and my reward is that every once in a while it is Taylor calling from Afghanistan. Now, when the caller hangs up I’m fine with it because I didn’t want to talk to them anyway, but when the caller says, “Hellloooo, Mother” . . . well, I win.

Katie Pertiet:
Watery Chevrons No. 01
Alphabet Scatterings Dynamic Brushes
Twisted Dots No. 01
Camo Style: Green Kit
Lynn Grieveson:
Feeling Neutral Paper Pack